Frances Gruner Streight

My Uncle Lloyd, Aunt Jewel, Aunt (camera shy) Lois, GrandmotherJosephine, Uncle JN
Late 1920s

My mother as a child
Early 1930s

The Phillips Family, 1939
Jewel, JN, Lois, Steve, Lloyd, her Mother (Josephine Ann McClellan, 1891-1945), Bea, my Mother, her Father (David Ezra Phillips, 1886-1963)

My mother as a young adult
Early 1940s

St. Paul's Nursing School Graduation
Dallas, Texas
April 11, 1944

Age 23

Recently married - 1946

Mother and me as a blond
Tonkawa, Oklahoma 1949

The Phillips Sisters
Jewel, Bea, my Mother, Lois

Me, my Mother, MaryEllen, Steve, my brother Don

My Mother and me
Wentworth Military Academy - 1963

My Mother and me
Ponca City Home- 1965

My Mother and me
Anthony's Pier 4, Boston 1990

Lindsay, their Grandmother, Julie
Boston 1990

Frances Gruner Streight


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