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Recent Letters and Papers

Released January 11, 2022, WE THE PRESIDENTS explores how American presidents over the last century, from Warren G. Harding to Donald Trump, have shaped today's America, and the world.

A collection of my posts on Facebook, email and other media regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
Flying Jets
Aero Club of New England

A Powerpoint presentation (.ppsx / 248 mb) discussing: 1) Nancy and my flight across the North Atlantic in September, 2018 in our light jet, N999RN. We visited far northern Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and the Shetland Islands; 2) my 70th birthday bucket-list item, earning a type-rating in the Boeing 747-400. Includes three videos. (Hit Enter to advance, Backspace to go back. Cursor to bottom of black title screens to enable video controls.)
New Voyager Radio Analysis
North American QRP CW Club

An analysis of the radio transmissions between earth and the New Voyager spacecraft as it rendezvoused with Ultima Thule, the first object humankind has ever encountered in the Kuiper Belt. As New Yoyager passed Ultima Thule on January 1, 2019 it was 6.62 billion kilometers from earth requiring 6.13 hours for radio signals to reach the spacecraft.
International Trade
Life-Long Learning Seminars

For decades the United States has had a trade imbalance which dwarfs other developed nations. How much of this imbalance is due to unfair trade practices by our trading partners versus the effects of our own domestic priorities? More fundamentally, do trade deficits even matter? My presentation discusses factors affecting international trade, the state of American foreign trade today and efforts to reduce America's trade deficit.
American Healthcare
Life-Long Learning Seminars

Today American healthcare is a hodgepodge of different programs, more costly and less effective than other nations, and a political piñata. How did we get there? My presentation helps answer that question by discussing healthcare costs, medical outcomes and delivery alternatives for providing efficient and effective healthcare to all Americans.
Simple Talk Career Interview
Richard Morris | Simple Talk

Richard Morris, a U.K.-based technology journalist, interviews me as part of his "Geek-of-the-Week" series on my professional career from the late 1960s through 2015 at Sky Analytics.
Funding Revolutionary Change in the Legal Industry

Hildebrandt Baker Robbins interviews me on my experiences with the legal profession, how emerging technologies might affect the process of law, and the need for increased legal entrepreneurship.
Sea Shift in the Business of Law
National Law Journal

Not since the business of Big Law surfaced more than 30 years ago have such favorable circumstances existed to rethink and reorganize the process by which law is practiced. It will take entrepreneurs to act on these opportunities and give rise to what one might call the New Law.
Unbound: How Entrepreneurship is Transforming Legal Services

David Galbenski interviews nineteen visionaries in the legal industry including individuals from Deutsche Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Xerox and Eversheds. I am privileged to discuss how entrepreneurs can inject fresh thinking into the delivery of legal services.
A Call for Legal Entrepreneurship
The Vallex Fund

From an entrepreneurial perspective, law has historically been a remote valley, isolated to outsiders but verdant in its possibilities. Entrepreneurs will hopefully be stimulated by the issues discussed in this paper. Perhaps some of those ideas may serve as seeds for new businesses focused on making the legal industry more efficient, responsive and broadly available.
Anatomy of a Lawsuit
The Vallex Fund

This case study, based on an actual lawsuit Shareholder.com prosecuted, puts a multi-million dollar federal lawsuit “under a microscope” not only to study its structure, legal issues and costs, but also to help understand the ecosystem civil lawsuits occupy that often make them frustrating, time-consuming and expensive.
Founders at Work:
Stories of Startups' Early Days

Jessica Livingston, a founding partner at Y Combinator, interviews founders of technology companies including Apple, Hotmail, Lotus and Yahoo about their early days. I discuss my experiences at Alliant Computer and Shareholder.com ranging from 1982 through 2006.
Letter to SEC Commissioner
William H. Donaldson

This letter is a respectful request that the Commission consider major changes in how public companies communicate with their street-name shareholders...
Eight Keys to Restoring
Shareholder Trust

Financial Executive Online

Restoring shareholder trust entails forthcoming financial executives, sound corporate governance and current technologies, as outlined in eight key areas of focus ranging from a return to GAAP financials to regaining control of corporate expectations...
Corporate Disclosure at a Crossroads
IR Update

...A confluence of less sinister, yet troubling, factors has created the present crisis in confidence in the markets. Perhaps the most pervasive is the flawed and outdated method by which public companies disclose their corporate information...
Corporate Disclosure: The Key to Restoring Investor Confidence
Investor Relations Quarterly

Investors are currently in their second year of enduring severe financial volatility and some of the largest and most abrupt corporate collapses in history...
Restoring Investor Trust:
The New IRO Imperative

Strategic Investor Relations Magazine

Investor relations officers so far have been spared the animosity leveled at executives, auditors and board members for the meltdown in corporate finance and investor confidence over the last year...
XML: Harnessing the Power for
Your Investor Relations Website

Investor Relations Quarterly

To put it simply, XML is one of the most important developments in the history of the web and will have a profound impact on your IR website and how you communicate with your shareholders...

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4,731,7341988Digital computer system incorporating object-based addressing and access control and tables defining derivation of addresses of data from operands in instructions

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